Susan Anne Lowenstein
Mother, Businesswoman, Cancer

The eldest of 6 children, you can never find a person like Sue. She is loving, caring, and a wonderful person. Born as a Jewish New Yorker, she is the perfect mother and wife. Even though Susan has Rheumatoid Arthritis, she tries and succeeds to not let that control her life. At 60 years old, she is still rocking it.

Jerry Albert Lowenstein
Father, Businessman, Sagittarius 

Born in Buchanan, VA, Jerry and his brother were put up for adoption at a very young age. He moved to Miami, FL when he was 9.  He grew up being an adventurous and handsome young fellow. He went into the Army right after high school to become a pilot. Now 65, he still has that adventurous spirit. He loves to race his Hellcat and Viper. In his spare time he likes to go on the boat and catch a few fish or none! He is a great father and an even more awesome person.

Deborah Mandy Jean
Sister, cutest little girl, Taurus

Debby, as we like to call her, is the sweetest little girl. Our family found out she was born on May 4, 2010. This was just a few months after we adopted Hannah and the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti. We met her for the first time in 2014 and ever since then she has had a place in our hearts. We can't wait for Debby to grow up to be an amazing adult like her sister will be!

Hannah Yoldine Lowenstein
Daughter, Athlete, Gemini

Hannah was born in Saint Marc, Haiti on May 25, 2002. She was raised in Port-au-Prince and adopted at 7 years old. She is currently a Junior enrolled at St. Thomas Aquinas High school. She is a high-jumper and long jumper in track. And is part of the dance company! Hannah enjoys traveling, photography, and designing. Hannah hopes one day she owns her own business! We can't wait and watch her grow up to be a young lady. 

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