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Hannah is an extraordinary young lady. She has a beautiful personality that everyone loves about her. When she walks into a room, her smile brightens the room! She is polite, kind, and courteous towards others. Not to brag but we would never trade our daughter for anybody else. She has gone through an earthquake in Haiti but that hasn't stopped her from being herself. "Don't be a follower. Be the followed." We always tell Hannah this because we know someday she is going to help make the world a better place!

I lived in an orphanage in Haiti. When I was seven years old, I was adopted and flew to Florida in my parents’ plane.  When I first arrived, I was nervous and also shy. I did not like my parents in the beginning, but I started to like them about two weeks later. Their names are Susan and Jerry Lowenstein, but I call them Momales and Dadales.  Soon after I came to my new home, we went to my parents’ business office, where  I met a lot of friends. On another day, my mom’s friend, Aunt Phyllis, sent a gift for me. It was a doll.  When my mom asked me the doll’s name, I said, “Anna.” My mom smiled and looked from side to side and asked, “What is your favorite name?” I said, “Hannah.” Momales said it was a beautiful name. Then she said, 

“Why don’t we try it on you for a few days and see how it fits.” So we did.