Thank you!

for reading my story!

I spoke very little English when I got here. Mostly, I didn’t understand anything. Today my favorite subject is  reading, and I understand mostly everything!  I am going into the 4th grade and get to be home schooled which I really like.  I have a lot of talent, and I am also athletic. 

The things I like are swimming, biking, playing tennis, ballet, dance and playing golf with my Dad on Sundays.  I am also learning to draw.  I like competing in Tae Kwon Do, and I have already won a gold and silver medal.  

My best friend Rachel lives down the street, and she does everything I do except dance and sew. My favorite things to do with Rachel are playing with our Barbie dolls and biking every day. 

I started painting with Miss Patty when I first came to America. I like painting for a few reasons. I like painting with acrylics because it is easy for me to paint, and my Mom says I have a special gift that God gave me. I also like the colors that I use, especially red, white, and blue. 

This year, I had a ballet and dance recital and dressed in different costumes. My ballet costume was very beautiful; I felt like a princess! Even though I was very nervous to be on stage, I was still happy to be dancing. 

So far, I went to three different places on our vacations. They were Georgia, New York, and Eleuthera in the Bahamas. I went to Georgia for four days and we stayed at a hotel. I went fishing and biking.  My mom had a massage and my dad went golfing. 

When I went to New York, it was Thanksgiving, and I got to meet the rest of my new family. New York City was  crowded. We stayed at a hotel and took a horse and carriage ride. We went to Central Park, and we went skating there with my Aunt Lorri. On another day, we saw The Statue of Liberty. It was very big! We went to the Empire state building, and it was a little bit too high. I went to the top on a smooth elevator ride. At the top, we went outside to take pictures.  

We saw the "Rockettes Christmas Show" at Radio City Music Hall. They wore red and white dresses. They were really good, and they kicked their legs up in the air at the same time. 

We also went to the Bahamas for three days. We stayed on a big boat. We went fishing, and my Dad caught a bunch of dolphin. We went to the beach and claimed our own Island. We also swam and played in the water. My Dad let me drive the fast boat. We all laughed very hard. 


My name was signed in the courts as Hannah Yoldine Lowenstein. Hannah means, “The grace of God.” Oh, by the way, my nickname is Hannah Banana!   I am nine years old now, and I live in the city of Pompano Beach. I have reddish black hair, and my eyes are dark brown. My favorite food is pizza, my favorite movie is The Sound of Music, and my favorite songs are These Dreams and Big Girls Don’t Cry. 

My name is Hannah, but that wasn't always my name. 
Here is my story. 

I lived in an orphanage in Haiti. When I was seven years old, I was adopted and flew to Florida in my parents’ plane.  When I first arrived, I was nervous and also shy. 

I did not like my parents in the beginning, but I started to like them about two weeks later. Their names are Susan and Jerry Lowenstein, but I call them Momales and Dadales.  Soon after I came to my new home, we went to my parents’ business office, where  I met a lot of friends. On another day, my mom’s friend, Aunt Phyllis, sent a gift for me. It was a doll.  When my mom asked me the doll’s name, I said, “Anna.” My mom smiled and looked from side to side and asked, “What is your favorite name?” I said, “Hannah.” Momales said it was a beautiful name. Then she said, 

“Why don’t we try it on you for a few days and see how it fits.” So we did.   

My life today is very different from when I lived in Haiti.  Every Saturday, we needed to organize and wash our clothes, and sometimes some of the kids would help, including me. I love my family now. I am very grateful that they picked me as their daughter.  My Momales always tells me that “I picked her.” Everyone has been so nice to me. I am also grateful that I got to do all these things that I  never did before.